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    GTI FORUM (Round 1)

    After the Pandemic: Which Future?

    How will today’s crisis alter the shape of tomorrow’s world? Which scenario—Conventional Worlds, Barbarization, Great Transition—has become more likely? How can we seize the moment to propel transformation?

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    The Question
    Before Us


    Paul Raskin


    Harbingers of
    the Possible

    Kavita Byrd

    The Power of Sorrow

    Maurie Cohen


    Coping with

    Herman Greene

    The Fortress World
    is Our World

    Shalmali Guttal


    Collective Action:
    The Ultimate Vaccine

    Sahan Karatasli


    Jeremy Lent

    Ashish Kothari

    Searching for Resilience

    Marcus Oxley


    The Pandemic
    and Inequality

    Kate Pickett

    A Chance to
    Change Mindsets

    Mamphela Ramphele

    William Robinson

    William Robinson

    Grappling with

    John Robinson


    Colliding Scenarios,
    Uncertain Futures

    Rob Swart

    A Chapter in an
    Ongoing Crisis



    • Planetize the Movement!

      Planetize the Movement! (Forum)
      In our fraught time, we need coordinated action for deep social and ecological change more than ever. How can we build a unified global movement? Who will change the world?

    • Toward a Great Ethics Transition: The Earth Charter at Twenty

      Toward a Great Ethics Transition Forum
      A Great Transition must rise on core ethical values attuned to an interdependent world facing a common destiny. What are the elements of this foundation, and how do we build it?

    • Corporations in the Crosshairs: From Reform to Redesign


      Corporations in the Crosshairs Forum
      Footloose corporations, obsessed with the bottom line, are fraying the social-ecological fabric. A forum on the struggle to tame and displace these behemoths—and new directions for the struggle.

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      Kate Raworth

      Dollars to Doughnuts: The Shape of a New Economy
      The author of Doughnut Economics describes what mainstream economics gets wrong and how another economics can nurture both people and planet.

    • Farewell to the World Social Forum?


      Farewell to the World Social Forum? Forum
      The World Social Forum has been a vital gathering space for international activists. But is it losing momentum? A panel of WSF veterans appraise its past, critique its present, and debate its future.


    • 蚂蚁海外加速器永久免费版

    • Interrogating the Anthropocene

    • Technology and Transformation


    Journey to Earthland: The Great
    Transition to Planetary Civilization
    Paul Raskin

    Debating the Sharing Economy
    Juliet Schor

    Economics for a Full World
    Herman Daly

    The Degrowth Alternative
    Giorgos Kallis

    Money for the People
    Mary Mellor
    Bounding the Planetary Future:
    Why We Need a Great Transition
    Johan Rockström

    Climate: The Crisis and the Movement
    Farming for a Small Planet:
    Agroecology Now
    Frances Moore Lappé

    Marxism and Ecology:
    Common Fonts of a Great Transition
    John Bellamy Foster

    A Scan of Critical World Developments

    • Black Lives Matter Goes Global

      A growing movement augurs transnational solidarity and identity.
    • The Pandemic: A Path to a Fortress World?

      In the wake of the crisis, right-wing leaders and movements seek new momentum.
    • GDP Shrinks: Is that a Problem?

      The post-pandemic economy can be smaller if its fairer.
    • Pandemics Today and Tomorrow

      The virus outbreak exposes the weaknesses in the global system.
    Great Transition Ideas
    An introductory video


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    10 minutes | 105,145 Views

    Journey to Earthland

    The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization

    Cover Image of Paul Raskin's latest book titled Journey to Earthland

    GTI Director Paul Raskin charts a path from our dire global moment to a flourishing future.

    Read more and get a copy

    Available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish

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